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Dwyco Software

Easy, free video chat

Home of one of the Internet's longest running video chat communities

Video Messages

Record video or picture messages and send them to people, even if they are offline.

No advertising

Dwyco software is free to use, and contains no advertising.

No accounts, no emails, no phone numbers

Dwyco doesn't require access to any of your other digital life.

Peer-to-peer device linking

If you have multiple devices, use peer-to-peer device linking to keep messages synced between devices.

Public profiles

Your profile can be as simple as just text, or as fancy as a video clip. If you don't want to show a profile, simply check an option to make yourself invisible.

Public directory

Directory listing lets you know who has recently used the program.

Real-time video and audio streams

One on one video streams while you chat


All sent data is encrypted to ensure privacy. Messages are end-to-end encrypted, so even offline messages stored on servers are private.

File transfer

Send files to someone, even if they are offline.

Create your own lobbies

Create and manage your own lobbies

Released under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.