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Desktop Installation

This section describes installation of the CDC-X app on desktop operating systems. Dwyco does not distribute Phoo or Rando for desktops at this time. Those apps are only available on Android devices at the moment.


Simply download the installer cdcxdwy.exe and run it as usual. No administrator rights are needed. Windows may complain about running an unknown app from the Internet. In this case, simply tell Windows to run it anyway. There is no malware in Dwyco software.

Download for Windows


Download the CDC-X.DMG file, double-click (or right-click or ctrl-click) to open it. Drag the CDC-X icon to your desktop. Then double-click the icon to start up.

If MacOS complains about the file being downloaded from the Internet, right-click and select open to start the program.

Download for Mac


If it is available, download the "AppImage" file from our site, that is the most reliable way to get it to work on most flavors of Linux.

Download for Linux, AppImage

Otherwise, download the shell installer and run it with "sh" in a terminal. It creates $(HOME)/cdcx, and a desktop icon. There is a readme file in $(HOME)/cdcx that contains instructions if it doesn't start properly when double-clicking the desktop icon.

Download for Linux, shell installer

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