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Terms of Service/Acceptable Use Policy


The following terms of service are (c) Dwyco, Inc. 1995-present.

When you use Dwyco software (hereafter referred to as "the program" or "the app"), please try to imagine you are bound by the same norms of society as you would be in a bar, restaurant, etc. Just because you are sitting in the comfort of your own home while you use the program does not entitle you to treat people inappropriately.

Dwyco apps are free in most cases, and because of that, we have limited resources to police the system. We do not warn people before they are blocked, nor do they get a message to the effect they have been blocked. Our terms are so simple, they don't need to be spelled out to someone. Exchanging 4 or 5 messages with someone who is clearly violating our simple terms of service would tax our resources too much.

Reasons you may be Blocked

You can be blocked from using the Dwyco service for any reason. We do not have to explain why we terminated your service (unless you have purchased a subscription before you are blocked.) We usually do explain why you were blocked if you send us an email asking why.

We will immediately block you if we receive authenticated information showing:

  • You are seeking to engage in illegal activities using the program. This includes soliciting underage people in the directory, or claiming to be underage.

  • You use the program to traffick in illegal material of any kind.

  • You are advertising or soliciting for commercial purposes using the Dwyco directory, or by spamming people in the directory.

  • You have claimed to be a Dwyco administrator/employee.

  • You have harassed the Dwyco admin (#5a098f3df49015331d74).

If you are blocked because of the previous reasons, you will never be unblocked. You must uninstall the app and not attempt to use it again. We may also report your activities to law-enforcement in these cases. Please note, buying a subscription will not result in having your service reinstated if you are blocked for any of the above reasons.


  • You fail a random age check from our administrative account, Dwyco (#5a098f3df49015331d74). The age check request message includes details on authenticating the message, how to respond, and what to do if you are blocked because you fail the age check.

  • You are misrepresenting yourself (for example, you have a profile that is from recorded material of another person, or you are sending material from a pre-recorded source claiming it is "live".)

  • You harass another user in any way, for any reason.

  • You fail to make a change to your profile or description requested by Dwyco (#5a098f3df49015331d74). We specifically do not allow "judges", "contests", "raters", "traders", etc. in the directory, as well as a variety of other things.

In these cases, we may ask you to buy a subscription in order to be unblocked. The reason we do this is it provides us with some third-party information to help prove your identity. We can then report you to law-enforcement if you continue your improper use of the system.

In all cases, if you are blocked a second time, even though you purchased a subscription, you will not be unblocked, and your subscription fee will not be refunded (this will be explained in detail when we ask you to purchase.)

Lack of Guarantees/ NO WARRANTY

Dwyco provides the services listed above, and any other services provided in the future on a BEST EFFORT BASIS. NO GUARANTEES ARE EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED related to data retention, integrity, continuance, or availability. Your data stored at Dwyco may become unavailable, or be destroyed by any number of events, not limited to fire, floods, acts of terrorism, or other man made or natural disasters.

Dwyco describes and refers to, in its communications and in documentation and by other means, numerous Dwyco and third party software applications, methods and practices. You agree that Dwyco makes no representation, claim or promise that these pieces of software provide any level of function, are safe, are secure, or are fit for any purpose whatsoever.

Released under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.