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How to Uninstall CDC-X on Desktop Systems

Note for all Desktop systems

After performing the uninstall described below, it is a good idea to restart your computer. This will stop any background message processing.


Use the control panel in whatever version of windows you have, and then select "Add/Remove programs". Remove CDC-X there.


Using the system uninstall will not delete your saved messages.

If you want to delete all your messages too, you can just delete the installation folder (usually My Documents\Dwyco\CDC-X, CDC-X makes no modifications to your system except in the installation folder.


Drag the green guy icon to the trash. To remove all your saved messages and other account information, use the finder to locate and remove Library/Application Support/CDC-X.


If you used the shell installer, remove the cdcx folder created when you installed, usually $(HOME)/cdcx. In versions before 3.76, this will delete all your saved messages too.

If you used the AppImage version of CDC-X or Phoo (or more recent versions of the shell installer), messages are usually stored in $HOME/Documents/dwyco/cdc-x or $HOME/Documents/dwyco/phoo respectively. To remove all your account and message information, simply delete the corresponding directory.

Mobile Apps, Phoo and Rando


A special note for Android/iOS users!

Normally, uninstalling the app from your device removes all traces of the messages from the device. If the messages are not synced to another device, they are lost. If you want to keep messages before uninstalling, you can use the "share" or "export" options that are available in the app. You can also use "Device Linking" to sync messages to another device.

On recent Android versions, when you uninstall you may be prompted to "Keep NNN of app data?". If you check "yes", your messages will NOT be deleted from your device. The next time you install the app, your messages will be available. If you select "NO", all your messages will be removed (and lost if they aren't accessible on another device.)

Also, before uninstalling, it is best to tell the app to remove the device from the device group if you are using "Device Linking." This helps make sure other devices in the group know the removed device is no longer available. (Note: I wish I could do this automatically, but mobile platforms do not offer a reliable way for apps to be notified when they are being uninstalled.)

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